camelback mountainPhoenix is studded with mountains, they are present in the surroundings of Phoenix, and a unique site is a range of mountains running through the city. Now who would want to miss that? To experience one of the most classic urban hiking, Phoenix is definitely on your list. Hikers and adventure lovers are going to experience an adrenaline rush, once they find out the mountainous beauty of Phoenix. The city is crowned with all these strikingly glorious peaks which should be visited once at least. Hence, we have listed down the top 5 glorious peaks to visit in Phoenix, which you should not miss out on, or there will be regrets.

  • Camelback Mountain

This mountain is considered the Everest of Phoenix as it summits a grand view of Arizona, which is a must watch. It goes up to 2,704 feet, and that is not just a number, it is gigantic. The trails are walked by hundreds of hikers every year, but that does not mean that it is going to be that easy, the paths are rocky and steep, but the adrenaline rush will get you on the top is amazing.


  • South Mountain

This is surely the next best thing in Phoenix, as it goes up to 2690 feet, making it tough to reach the top unless you are a professional hiker. You will find beautiful picnic hideouts along the trails which are usually crowded with people eating out with their friends and family after a hike.


  • Piestewa Peak

Popularly known as Squak peak, this peak is the most visited place in Phoenix. It goes up to 2,608 feet and has half a million people walking on its trail every single year. The best feature of this place is that there are facilities like toilets, water, ramadas and picnic hideouts here. The path can get steeper once you cross the lower trails but it is worth a try.  


  • Shaw Butte

This again, going up to 2149 feet, is one of the most untouchable peaks as hikers state that it is very difficult to reach the top, but it is easier to hike on most of the part as most of the lower and middle trails are paved. It might get moderately strenuous to hike as the western side trails are steep and uneven, so you might want to watch your balance there.


  • North Mountain

At 2104 feet this place is the best place to have an exceptional view and a decent workout, as it is situated behind a fence. At the northern end of the mountain, you get to visit the North Mountain Park, which is a complete beauty. This place has a lot to offer besides that, as it has great picnic hideouts, toilets, grills, playgrounds and a barrier free trail.

Hikers would love to visit Phoenix as visiting the top 5 mountains in Phoenix, which are listed above, would feed to their adrenaline rush and would make them want to visit Phoenix, again and again, to hike through the top 5 mountains in Phoenix. This post was brought to you by HomeAdvisor.com.