Phoenix is not just a place on the map of America; it is one of the most exotic places to visit in the world. If you are on a holiday in Phoenix, or even if you are not and you dwell there, and you love going through history, then this is the apt place for you. Phoenix has the world’s top notch and most gigantic museums ever, which are not to be missed. Since there is a growing list of museums in Phoenix, let us help you walk through history by suggesting the top 5 museums in Phoenix, which you should visit.

  • Musical Instrument Museum

Music lovers will have the time of their lives going through this museum, as it has everything and anything related to the music world saved in there for you. This is one of my unique places to go to, as it contains instruments representing almost over 200 countries, and it also lets you experience how the instruments function which is an added benefit of visiting this museum.

  • Phoenix Art Museum

This place is a must go for all those who are affiliated with art and design and wish to see the different works of a variety of artists from all over the world. Art lovers would not want to miss this, as this place is historical on its way containing over 18,000 works of various artists from all over the world. This place has been home to over 400 exhibitions till date, and now and then visitors get to experience new works of various artists.

  • Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeology Park

To witness the history of the southwestern region of Phoenix, no place is better than this, as they have preserved ruins of the Hohokam culture and people who once used to dwell in that region. The most exotic part of this museum is that it is built on the site where the Hohokam people lived. It is the largest archeological site in Phoenix, which takes you to the world of the Hohokam people.


  • Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve

Situated on the northern edge of Phoenix, Deer Valley is an archaeological site which has preserved the past of Arizona. This place is home to over 1500 Hohokam, Patayan, and Archaic petroglyphs, preserved for the world to get a glimpse of Arizona’s rich past. The petroglyphs are over 500 – 10,000 years old, and they are the pride of Phoenix.

  • Heard Museum

To experience the lives of Native Americans and to get a closer look at what they wear, the jewelry, the rugs, everything basically, then this is a place you should not visit. This will make you experience the Native American history, their crafts, and their art as well. So do not miss out on this as this falls under one of the top 5 museums to visit in Phoenix.

We have listed down some exotic suggestions for you relevant to the top 5 museums to visit in Phoenix. In case, you have not visited Phoenix yet, this information might just want you to experience Phoenix once, so book your tickets and fly down to Phoenix to visit the top places there.