A growing trend which refuses to go away, and why should it go away, people love it; is the concept of dine-in theaters. Dine-in theaters serve families and adults with food, while they sit in a theatrical set and watch movies.

Now, that’s the perfect kind of dining, since who does not eat in front of the television. Bringing you the comfort of eating and watching a movie, Dine-in restaurants satisfy your taste in food and movies at the same time. Looking for a dine-in theater? Let us guide you through with the top 5 dine-in theaters in Phoenix.


  • Ultra Star Cinema


Want a hit spot for a perfect night out? Whether it is a date-night with your special one or a family night out, this place is a must-go. Ultra Star Cinema has two sections, one is the “21 and older” section serving individuals and a separate family section, where VIP rooms are allocated with fine dining and the best beer and wine available, so that you enjoy your food and watch your movie as well.



  • iPic Theatre


This place is grand as it spread onto 42,000 square feet and has 8 auditoriums in it serving you with fine food and exotic beverages. Beverages are also served before the movie begins, and the place has seat classifications, like there is a gold class, which is the reclining seats which have full food and beverages services.  They also have a higher end restaurant by the name of The Tanzy, which is a customer attraction and serves scrumptious food as well.



  • AMC Fork and Screen / Cinema Suites


This is the classic place for those who want to feel life king size, as here they are served liked kings and queens. You never have to get up to get a refill or more food, all you have to do is press a button on your seat, and you will be served immediately. It looks as fancy as it sounds, and has comfortable seating arrangement so that you feel like home. They make sure you do not have to step out of your comfort zone and serve likewise.



  • Film Bar


This is just the way it sounds; it is a trendy place yet comfortable and laid back so that you can enjoy the facility of a wine bar, beer bar, and movie at the same time. It is an art house and shows individual movies, other than that they also have musical nights on weekends and stand-up comedy days as well, so that the customer has something new served every day, other than the menu.  



  • Studio Movie Grill


This is a huge chain which has just entered Arizona, and Arizona is more than excited to visit it, as it is the world famous Din-in Theater chain opening their branch in Phoenix. They will suit the pickiest of all people as well, since they have the best food, beverages and to top it all the best feature is that you don’t have to book a seat each time, they have reserved and non-reserved seats both.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience this new trend where you can dine and watch a movie at the same time without having out miss out on the movie. We have suggested the top 5 dine-in theaters in Phoenix for you to visit, and we guarantee that the experience would be unforgettable.